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Daniel 6.  With a new king on the throne, Daniel (a faithful servant of God) was appointed 1 of 3 officials who supervised 120 governors.  These men served as the eyes and ears of the king.  Daniel was an honest and faithful worker and the king noticed.  He began making plans to put Daniel in charge of everyone.  You can imagine this didn’t sit well with the other officials and governors.  Their conniving landed Daniel an overnight stay in a pit of lions.

Thanks to an angel who shut the mouths of the lions, Daniel survived the sleepover.  In response, the king sent out a letter to all the peoples of the world.  His letter praised Daniel’s God, the living eternal God!  He announced to everyone that God delivers, rescues and saves!  The king was right on target.  Our God is in the business of delivering, rescuing, setting free–salvation!

There is nothing we could ever do to earn such favor from God, but God chooses to save us. Take time to thank God for this.  We have no fear of being trapped overnight in a lion’s den.  Yet poverty, addictions, low self-worth, hunger, bitter hearts, despair, fear and a host of other things are like lions which threaten to devour.  As God’s children, may we serve the God of salvation by becoming like the angel in Daniel’s lions’ den shutting the mouths of the lions that threaten to devour.

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